Race History

Date Race Location Distance Gun Time Chip Time
Apr 17, 2010 Endurrace Waterloo, ON 5k 0:30:38 0:30:32
May 15, 2010 Mississauga Marathon Mississauga, ON 5k 0:30:29 0:29:42
Jul 25, 2010 Jazzes Beach Tuneup Toronto, ON 10k 1:03:00 N/A
Oct 17, 2010 Oktoberfest Waterloo, ON 10k 0:58:08 0:57:53
Jan 1, 2011 Resolution Run Kitchener, ON 5k 0:29:46 N/A
Feb 20, 2011 Re-Fridgee-Eighter Run Waterloo, ON 8mi Goal 1:15:00
May 15, 2011 Mississauga Marathon Mississauga, ON HM Goal 2:10:00
Jul 24, 2011 Jazzes Beach Tuneup Toronto, ON 10k Goal 0:55:00
Sept 24, 2011 Oasis Zoo Run Toronto, ON 5k/10k    
Oct 16, 2011 ScotiaBank Waterfront Toronto, ON HM Goal 2:10:00
Nov 5, 2011 RememberRun Cambridge, ON 5k Goal 0:27:00

One response to “Race History

  1. Hi, your accomplishments and commitment to you goals are inspiring. I’ve just run my 2nd marathon in December, and need to schedule another event to keep my training motivated.

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