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veganmofo 4: More Oats!

I realize that pictures of my oatmeal aren’t very exciting, but I tried steel-cut oats for the first time this morning! 

The ridiculously long cook time for steel cut oats has turned me off them in the past, but I found a recipe that said to boil the oats for a minute before bed and to leave it on the stove.  It sort of soaks and cooks overnight then you wake up the next morning and the oats will only take 10 minutes to cook.

Good idea, right?  Well, my oats turned moldy on the top 😦  I don’t know why… it’s not like it’s hot out or anything, it’s late fall and it feels kind of like a fridge in my apartment.  That sucked.

But I got some steel cut oats anyway and they’re pretty good.  If I can get past the cook time, they would be great.  They feel more substantial, somehow, chewier and all that.  It may become a weekend treat or something like that.

In other news, halloween sucks because everyone at work brings in candy and some of it is veg and/or vegan and because it’s there, I tend to eat it (despite not generally eating candy or any chocolate about 300 days out of any given year).  In addition to my love of cakes in general, the recent baking posts, etc etc, i’m in danger of my new winter coat not fitting anymore 😦  Even with my running!  Sadly, most of these days all I seem to want to do is sit around and eat.  But I will stop sometime… haha!

And because I can: I got a new running toy!

Yep, that’s my desk at work!  So far, I’ve only used it twice but it’s been handy to have.  The second time, it pushed me to an average pace of under 10 minutes per mile, which is extremely speedy for me.  I never run sub 10-minute miles except during races!  (Or for short bursts in interval training but even then, my average pace usually works out to 10:20 or so).  That made me happy!


Taper Week!

Short story:

  • 10k race this Sunday (October 17) – Oktoberfest 2010
  • Goal to run it in < 60 mins (current PR is ~ 63 minutes – event was not chip timed)
  • Following a 10k in 55 minutes training program (~30 mpw with 10 mile long runs)
  • I’m Canadian but yes, I run in miles.  10 miles sounds so much less daunting than 16 kilometers, somehow. 

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